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Question of the Month

What is one goal you have for 2018?

To be content with, and find joy in, wherever God places us - even when it’s not where we expected to be.

- Ashley

Launch my business & expand it over at least 5 major states!

- Ta'jania

To continue to grow my business, and be a good leader to the ladies on my team. 

- Hannah

To not be stressed out by the little things & to just be in the moment.... baseball is stressful and it’s so darn easy to get caught up in that!

- Hailee

To be less stressed, less caught up in the moment and let the small things go when my hubby’s gone 7-8 months and its just me and the kiddos!

- Bryant

Fly ONE TIME with a bag under 50 pounds 

- Riley

Learn how to budget!

- Kaci

Staying with the process/plan even with all the speed bumps in the baseball road

- Angie

To enjoy every second of our adventure overseas. To spend more one on one time with my kids doing things they love....and not let the little things bother me so much-in life in general.

- Taylor

Give more, spend less, & save save save

- Erica

Move into our new house, completely solo since it'll be May/June, and not wanting to cry lol

- Amanda

Grow in my faith, continue to step out of my comfort zone through my business + in life in general, grow in my relationships, bless others, and become an Elite leader // Lexus Achiever with Rodan + Fields!

- Hannah


To start a family 🙏🏻 God willing

- Audrey

To get all our teams WAGS more involved with one another and the community. As well as my husband and I personally getting more involved in the community, wherever God may take us!

- Tayler

Not go more than 6 weeks without seeing my guy!

- Morgan

To be “in the moment” at all times!

- Katherine

To be a strong support system to my husband no matter if he decides to give up baseball or stuck with it.

- Emma

Less time on my phone, Lord knows I’m on it way too much and I have a family to keep me busy!

- January

To gain more confidence as a nurse so I can take the step out of my comfort zone and become a travel nurse beginning of 2019 and travel with my man.

- Morgan

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