Ep. 25: Janie Reed

Today we're talking with Janie Reed, outfielder for USA Softball and founder of Church on the Dirt. We talk all things softball, and learn how she and her husband navigated their first year of marriage doing long-distance.

Ep. 23: Lory, Alysa and Sara

After our summer break, we catch up on everything that's happening in our baseball lives. Sara's husband is now in the big leagues, Alysa's husband is coach of the year, and Lory's husband is working on a comeback. Plus, why you should ALWAYS pack extra underwear on getaway day.

Ep. 22: Lory & Alysa

Today we’re hanging out and chatting about everything from current events to Pinterest and ripped booty jeans. We also announce our new partnership that will expand resources for minor league WAGS.

Ep. 21: Kristi Hendriks

Kristi Hendriks owns the wildly successful online boutique For The Field Apparel. This week we're talking to Kristi about how she started her own business, the incredible work she does to rescue animals, and what she wants everyone to know about being married to a professional athlete.

Ep. 20: Jessica Leigh

This week we're talking to Jessica Leigh about her decision to become a flight attendant and what that means for life in baseball. If you've ever thought about this career path, this episode is for you!

Ep. 19: Ashley Wittgren

This week we're talking with Ashley Wittgren about all things health and fitness. Find out how she keeps it simple in the kitchen, why she says motivation is a myth, and how she is learning to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

Ep. 14: Chelsea Scott

This week we're talking to Chelsea Scott about how she turned her blog into a business, the importance of being authentic, and how she's creating community not only online, but in person on college campuses around the country.

Ep. 13: Caitlin Motte

This week we're talking to veteran Caitlin Motte about her time in baseball, what she thinks about WAGS stereotypes, and how her family is striking out cancer in every major league city with the Jason Motte Foundation.

Ep. 12: Amy Duncan

Meet Amy Duncan, plant whisperer, wellness warrior, and fearless leader. In this episode, Amy Duncan tells us about her experiences in biotechnology and healthcare, what it was like when her husband Chris was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, and how all of this led to the creation of her own cannabis company.

Ep. 11: Jessie Green

This week we're talking to Jessie Green, mom of three and wife of Padres skipper Andy Green. Find out why they love San Diego so much, how they're giving back to their community, and what it's like to be married to a major league manager.

Ep. 7: Madison Wright, MS, RDN, CPT

Madison Wright is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and newly-married wife of Mike Wright, a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. In this episode, we learn how to make healthier choices at the ballpark, the truth about fad diets, and how to exercise on the road. 

Ep. 6: Brijet Whitney

Today we are going to switch things up a bit and talk to an NHL wife. Brijet and Ray have been in professional hockey for 23 years. Brijet is the founder of Our Hockey Life, a website that helps pro hockey players and WAGS navigate through moves and trades. Listen to find out more about how similar hockey and baseball are and how you can connect with other pro sports wives this spring in Arizona.