The Real-Life WAGS of Professional Baseball

WAGS is an acronym that stands for Wives and Girlfriends of professional athletes. Although this term has a way of connecting us, it does not define us.

Many people have ideas of what WAGS must be like, but we are more than what you see on TV or in the stands...

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We are the WAGS of professional baseball.

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Question of the Month

What are you most thankful for this year?

Having our little girl, and then getting through our first baseball season with a baby (leaving when she was only 3 weeks old). I'm also thankful for all of the memories we made, and getting to do baseball together for another year.

- Marin

A baby with a (mostly) healthy heart!

- Kristen

I am thankful for being able to marry my husband during such a crazy baseball season and for the support from my family to help us plan everything in such a small window! Wouldn't have happened without them. 

- Sami

Our little family - soaking up the time together while they're little!

- Ashley

Getting engaged and being able to spend the rest of my life with the one the Lord has placed in my life.

- Annie

I'm most thankful for airplanes to make the long distance a little less long!

- Morgan

I am thankful for no more long distance because we are now married and I can travel with him!

- Andrea

God, family, favor, promotion, and OFFSEASON.

- Sarah

I'm most thankful for the opportunity to have a full time job that gives me plenty of time to travel out to see my man during the season and fall ball this year!

- Cara

I'm most thankful for this amazing group of girls that share their real life stories and inspire others to keep positive! Also thankful for getting ENGAGED and happy for all the girls that also got engages this offseason!

- Brittany

My husband finally getting called up to the majors after 8 years in the minors. Also thankful that he's the best dad and husband in the world. This offseason he has been giving me such a break - I don't think I've changed one diaper since he's been home!

- Kacee

Finally being able to live in the same city as my man after two years long distance!

- D'Ann

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