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To The New WAGS

It's draft week and that means it's time to welcome the newest WAGS into the family. We are so glad you're here, and we can't wait to meet you! Here are some welcomes and words of advice from your sisters in this crazy beautiful baseball life.

It's ok to talk about the hard stuff

I don’t know why some people are quick to jump to these kind of conclusions about our life, but I assume it has to do with stereotypes and a need to compare. I believe it’s important to continue to tell the truth, our lived-out truth, whether people understand it or not.

​The Baseball Life: You're Not Ready ​

To the girl that’s just starting out, You’re not ready, I can promise you that. You’re not ready for what’s to come and there’s absolutely no way to prepare you for it. There’s no way to explain how lonely you’ll be on the first road trip of the season in a new town with all your friends and family hundreds of miles away. You’ll start off strong and tell yourself, “I’ve got this.” And then on day 9 of the 12 day road trip, you’ll lay on the floor and question every decision that led you there and if it’s going to be worth it...

Baseball in Australia

After traveling to Australia, I realized I was very unprepared for the big move down under, so I talked with a few other WAGS on different ABL teams and we came up with a list of 10 tips/advice for future ABL ladies...

6 Tips for a Great Season

I have learned a lot from the past 3 years and am still learning. I look back and wish I had a “Everything a MiLB Girlfriend Needs to Know” guide or the WAGS blog but I didn’t have that then! So I’m so happy to have this platform to share some advice to all my fellow WAGS! Here are my top six tips for a great season...

What's YOUR Normal?

Each of us have our own, unique version of “baseball life.” For those on the outside looking in, we seem to live the same lifestyle, so why do the choices we make look so different when it comes to how we manage it? It's easy to compare the thousands of ways we choose to live our baseball lives and question whether or not we are making “the right choices.” But here’s a little secret, no matter how different our choices may seem, we're all making the “right choice” when it comes to how to live this life.

2017 WAGS Gift Guide

As fun as it seems to get lavish Christmas Gifts I am all about practicality. What will help me be most efficient come February and we are packing up again. After 4 years in baseball I have compiled a list of my favorite travel necessities as well as some things on my Wish-list. Pass this along to your parents, your significant other, or whomever is buying your gifts this year.

Ask a WAG - Making Long Distance Work

Hi, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to handle the WAGS lifestyle when you go and create a stable job for yourself while your man follows his dream with baseball? I’m currently about to graduate college and am going to be looking for jobs in a place we have decided we want as a stable offseason home. So just some tips on how to make it all work would be great. Thanks!

Ask a WAG - Air Mattresses

Mattresses...this year we've tested out the whole air mattress thing and when I go visit him he can't sleep. I move quite a bit in my sleep and I guess every time I move it wakes him up. Also we bought a nice air mattress but it has had to be patched twice already and doesn't hold air very well. Any tips when it comes to other alternatives instead of air mattresses?

Crossing the Border: Baseball in Mexico

My husband Corey is playing for a team in Mexico this season, the Tijuana Toros. This is his first year with the team so prior to the start of the season we really had no idea what to expect. During spring training, he talked with a few guys who played for the team last year and they said a lot of the “imports” live in the San Diego area and just cross the border everyday for the games. WHAT? The thought of having to cross the border with 2 kids by myself, everyday (if we ever wanted to see dad) sounded terrible...

Ask a WAG - Offseason Job Ideas

Okay ladies... I have been blessed for this to be my first offseason living with my guy. I am incredibly excited however, I have no idea what I'm going to do for money. I am lucky enough to not have to quit my job because I am a nanny and the mother is taking maternity leave the exact time of offseason. But what do I do to pay my bills for 5 months?

5 Tips on Making Long Distance Work

I remember in the beginning having the lost, almost helpless feeling of what the heck can we do to make this easier or will this really even work?! Wishing I had a little guidance for what was to come. I feel like we have both learned a lot about what was helpful in making long distance work and I really wanted to share in case someone else felt like they needed a little motivation, re-assurance, or advice on doing long-distance.