Our Life in an Airstream

What the airstream means for us is that we can pick up our home at any time and move it with us, which is a luxury during the baseball season. We have everything we need here with us, and we don’t have to worry about apartment hunting and then buying or renting everything to furnish it. When we move for the season, we just hook up to the truck and drive to the next destination with all our belongings in tow. 

Travel Nursing: The Best of Both Worlds

The baseball world is exciting and challenging, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! But it can also be really hard for us WAGS to chase OUR dreams while helping the men we love chase theirs. There is so much sacrifice involved, but the one thing I didn’t want to give up was the world I love. Thankfully, with nursing I didn’t have to.

What's YOUR Normal?

Each of us have our own, unique version of “baseball life.” For those on the outside looking in, we seem to live the same lifestyle, so why do the choices we make look so different when it comes to how we manage it? It's easy to compare the thousands of ways we choose to live our baseball lives and question whether or not we are making “the right choices.” But here’s a little secret, no matter how different our choices may seem, we're all making the “right choice” when it comes to how to live this life.

2017 WAGS Gift Guide

As fun as it seems to get lavish Christmas Gifts I am all about practicality. What will help me be most efficient come February and we are packing up again. After 4 years in baseball I have compiled a list of my favorite travel necessities as well as some things on my Wish-list. Pass this along to your parents, your significant other, or whomever is buying your gifts this year.

A Season of Change

Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and my husband was the last cut of spring. We went back to Arizona to wait out waivers and eventually were out-righted to Triple A Salt Lake City on April 5th.Just a short time later on April 22nd my husband was called back up to the bigs, just one day later on the 23rd he was designated again and we went back to Arizona to wait out waivers. During our time in Arizona, so many things were going through our minds - Will my husband get a job? How will we provide for our unborn child if he isn’t picked up? The stress was at an all time high.

What I'm Most Thankful for in 2017

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1) As the holiday season quickly approaches, I often find myself reciting that verse over and over in my head. I have so many things to be thankful for, but in this current season of my life, I’m most thankful for God’s grace in my boyfriend Doug’s life and my life.

Leaning Into Solitude

As wives of professional athletes we all have one thing in common and that is a unique understanding of what it means to live this lifestyle. We are the ones who experience the day in and day out blessings and hardships that are brought on by a lifestyle SO few human beings will ever truly be able to understand. Being alone a lot definitely falls under that category. 

My Breast Cancer Story

Pain and suffering changes us like nothing else can. It draws us to God. My faith in Him and my family is what has gotten me through this last year. My new normal now on this new road I'm on is still bumpy and twisty and unknown, still full of doctor visits, blood work, scans, shots and scars. But this new road has benefits too, perhaps not in ease but in seeing life differently.

Ask a WAG - Making Long Distance Work

Hi, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to handle the WAGS lifestyle when you go and create a stable job for yourself while your man follows his dream with baseball? I’m currently about to graduate college and am going to be looking for jobs in a place we have decided we want as a stable offseason home. So just some tips on how to make it all work would be great. Thanks!

Meet Caroline Freeman

I have met so many amazing people along the way and I have seen how God has used different circumstances to challenge me, strengthen me, and use me and my experiences to make a difference in other people’s journeys. I will continue to be grateful for the opportunities we have been given and I am already looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.