Why We Love Capsul Jewelry

I love supporting my husband when he's on the field, but I often find myself paralyzed by the thought of ordering something new that might not be relevant tomorrow when he's on another team, wearing a different colored jersey and a brand new number. 

That's why I was so excited to find Capsul Jewelry.

WAGS Work: Tiffany Whoolery

Nick and I are in the middle of planning a wedding, which can be extremely pricy. This job has helped pay for just about everything with the wedding that my family isn’t covering and it’s been a true blessing. It will be nice once the wedding is over and all my extra income can go into savings or if baseball throws us a curveball, we still have my income to get us through.

It also feels nice to contribute and it gives me something to do. Baseball can be lonely sometimes when they’re on a road trip and you’re not with them. So instead of binging Netflix all day, I get to have fun, feel productive and make money! Talk about a win!

Sacrifice Hit

So in an endeavor to act out the word of God rather than just read it, I pledged to no longer ask when life would be all about me again. No longer refer to these amazing opportunities Christ has given me as 'sacrifices.' No longer wait for the day that I don't have to adjust my life to meet the needs of others.

We're in This Together

They understand this life and some of the struggles we have to go through because of baseball. They will be there for you as if they’ve known you forever. What I’m saying is, you need these girls! And they need you. You’re all in this life together and the support will be unreal.

My First Road Trip

This adventure has only just begun, but has already brought me to places I would have never traveled to otherwise. It has reassured me just how wonderful people can be, and has pulled me out of my shell entirely.

To The New WAGS

It's draft week and that means it's time to welcome the newest WAGS into the family. We are so glad you're here, and we can't wait to meet you! Here are some welcomes and words of advice from your sisters in this crazy beautiful baseball life.

WAGS Work: Shelly Ruggiano

Stop scrolling through Instagram and convincing yourself that other women have it better. Stop believing that you aren’t good enough or that you can’t do what you want because of your husband’s career. Make a long term goal and every day that you can’t get to that goal because of situational reasons – work on a short term goal to keep you on track. Bloom where you are planted. 

Small Business Saturday

We love WAG-owned businesses and that's why we're starting Small Business Saturdays. Each week, you will have the opportunity to submit your business for a tagged shout-out on our Instagram Stories. It's a great way to reach our ever-growing audience of WAGS and fans.

WAGS Love Wright State of Mind

Happy May! I'm excited to announce our LOVE partner for this month, Wright State of Mind. I first heard about this organization from Madison Wright when she was a guest on our podcast. The mission of Wright State of Mind is to love and care for those affected by dementia, and it all began when Madison's mother-in-law Sherry was diagnosed with Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia at the young age of 51. 

Share your Story!

One of the best ways we can help each other feel less alone in this crazy baseball lifestyle is to share our stories. Stories connect, inspire, make us laugh, and most importantly make us shout "me too!" If you've been in this game for more than a day, you have something to share, and we want to read about it. Here are some ideas to get you going…

It's ok to talk about the hard stuff

I don’t know why some people are quick to jump to these kind of conclusions about our life, but I assume it has to do with stereotypes and a need to compare. I believe it’s important to continue to tell the truth, our lived-out truth, whether people understand it or not.

​The Baseball Life: You're Not Ready ​

To the girl that’s just starting out, You’re not ready, I can promise you that. You’re not ready for what’s to come and there’s absolutely no way to prepare you for it. There’s no way to explain how lonely you’ll be on the first road trip of the season in a new town with all your friends and family hundreds of miles away. You’ll start off strong and tell yourself, “I’ve got this.” And then on day 9 of the 12 day road trip, you’ll lay on the floor and question every decision that led you there and if it’s going to be worth it...

WAGS Work: Mary Dolan

In the nearly two years I have been out of college and working, I have grown so much from my career. I’ve become that much more confident and self-assured. I feel good about the work I am doing each day, and I also know that I am good at it. That independence and my own self-identity has been critical in my sanity throughout this crazy baseball life. One of the reasons Kyri fell in love with me was because of my ambition, just as I fell in love with his passion for baseball. Despite being so far away, we are each other’s biggest fans. I try to watch or listen to all of his games, and he calls on my way home every day so that I can tell him what I had been working on.